Advantages of Simplified Schooling


With SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING you are connected anytime, anywhere, 24x7 all you need is an internet connection. SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING runs on Desktop PC,Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phones.


SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING generates various reports that are useful to the management. Any specific report can be customized as per client requirement.

  Reduce Repetitive work

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING prevents overheads, repetitive work and provide teachers with more time to focus on teaching and constructive activities. We ensure that the teachers have all the tools needed to effectively building a solid overall performance of students along with their own career growth.

    Greater Relief

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING provides a greater relief to school owners, principals,coordinators, teachers, students and parents to enhance their performance. Abilityto manage complex activities with ease by using the user friendly interface andcollaboration tools, leads to better enhancement of the school.

  Robust Framework

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING provides reliable framework to ensure that network outages do not hinder day to day activities and data flow.

    On Cloud platform

No Cap Ex, no extra hardware or technical knowledge is needed to implement SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING. All you need is internet connection and basic computer knowledge.

  Comprehensive Modules:

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING has a set of comprehensive modules covering all the needs of an educational institution. With the latest information presented to you along with convenient access helps building a successful and sustainable school environment.


SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs. SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING has strict security measures and prevents data loss, unauthorized access and misuse of stored data and other resources.


Some more Advantages:

  • Streamlines all the process.
  • Increase productivity and enhance efficiency.
  • Reduce work load.
  • Tracking all the process is simplified.
  • Highly developed communication is facilitated.
  • Easier and compatible data handling.
  • No extra maintenance cost.
  • Reduce paper work.
  • Strengthens relationship with all.
  • Saves man hours & reduce communication cost.
  • Minimum set-up time.