Frequently asked questions

Simplified Schooling is most Trusted and User Friendly School Management Solution.

Any education institution where there is a need of proper management, Simplified Schooling Solution is the best to use there. The Simplified Schooling Solution software is suitable for small, medium-sized and large schools.
Simplified Schooling is unique in various ways. SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING provides a platform for research; sharing and collaboration which makes the stakeholders fully informed under one ecosystem. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, we have changed the way school works and administrates its day to day operations. Teachers have more time to focus on educational activities rather than doing more clerical work and we also have managed to reduce their repetitive works. Students have 24x7 anytime anywhere access to various enriched multimedia content and also to the notes prepared by teachers. In simple words, it has simplified the management and teaching efforts and emerged as a smart solution for the e-AGE schools. We promise quick and secure flow of information; fast response times and delivers our solution that helps educational institutions to make their work easy and simple.
Just contact our experts to meet this requirement. Our solution is highly customizable therefore we can help in customize the available features or can create new ones as per your requirement and simply plug-in to the system.
Of course, Yes. Our professionals will provide complete training about the software feature, how to use it, etc. The training can be arranged over phone or in person, as per clients’ specifications. We also advise for a parent orientation as well.
Simplified Schooling proves of great use for everybody. Administrators, teachers, students, parents/guardians and other staff members find it convenient to use. To know more about our solution, you can refer to the page of features without any hesitation or restriction.
No. We always believe in making long-term relationship with our customers therefore never hide any details from them. However, it is important that you pay the agreed charges on regular basis otherwise it would become difficult to keep it functioning.
To quench your thirst, we give a demo in detail. During the demo, you will learn to use all feature and commands in an easy manner. Besides, we leave you free to solve any query without any hesitation.
Everything is changed. Technology has played an important role in every sector and eased the administration in all means to produce more output with less resource. All the dimension of the previous era is changed. Business pattern, Communication, Commerce, Arts, Media everywhere people are using latest technologies to acquire desired output. In education sector you can track your student within/outside campus through RFID and GPS, eliminate manual working with Bar-Code, reduce operational cost, visualize the current position of the institutes with real-time Business Intelligence Reports. In the competitive edge has become essential to be updated with the technology to deliver best-in-class education.
Simplified Schooling is a web-based system. To evaluate the system in your organizational context you need to check out the flexibility and scalability of Simplified Schooling. You need to check whether Simplified Schooling's course management module will serve your basic need? Whether your fee structure can be incorporated in Simplified Schooling? Whether the format of SID (Student ID) is suitable for you? Whether Simplified Schooling provides necessary modules as per your requirements? How System User Management module will restrict your user to access unauthorized activities and information. Checkout each modules you requires, it's functioning in your environment and its applicability in your organization. There are many more aspects which can be checked during demo session but our team will explain each and every aspect in-depth.
Yes, clients’ data will remain 100% secure and confidential in Simplified Schooling software. The software is inbuilt with data back-up facility, which can be retrieved by our clients easily.
You can use this solution throughout the life. All you need doing to keep reaping its benefits is to just renew the agreement at regular interval and by paying the agreed subscription charges.
Apparently, you have various options to fetch the data within minutes.
There are various modes of payment. Out of them, you can select any that suits your convenience better. You can also contact our executives to discuss the payment plan.