21st Century Schooling Solution for 21st Century Schools

We firmly believe in the quote from Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” and all of our solutions are designed keeping this in mind. We also believe that learning never ends hence always look forward to become knowledge partners with educators.

About us

Simplified Schooling is a vertical of Concepts, Content & Media House Pvt. Ltd., catering 21st Century Solutions to the educational institutions. The company is founded by the people with proven experience and in-depth understanding of education enterprise with expertise in technology. Our mission is to help educational institutions in exploiting technology for efficient education delivery and make the journey of studying and teaching a pleasant experience.


Our Mission

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING mission is to provide a platform for research, share and collaborate where all the stakeholder are equally involved and are able to discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development. With the exceptional features it has, our mission is to change the way school works and administrates its day to day operations both Academics and Administration.


Why Simplified Schooling?

Simplified Schooling is an integrated school management system which focuses on excellence and evolution in the field of education. We build, design, develop and deliver School life cycle management solution to help educational institutions to make their work easy and simple. Simplified Schooling provides a platform to research, share and collaborate which makes all the stakeholders fully informed about the institution.
With the bunch of exceptional features it has, Simplified Schooling has changed the way a school works and administrated its day to day operations. Teachers have more time to focus on educational activities. In simple words, it has simplified the management and teaching efforts and emerged as a smart solution for E-age schools.

Our Team

Our dynamic team is constantly growing and consists of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are ready to help you and your institution to achieve results and positive online experiences. Our work environment is fun. We are supportive, productive, flexible, and relaxed. Our team encourages creativity and new ideas, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement. Many of our team members have passion outside the office. We have car enthusiasts and track racers, avid snowboarders, entrepreneurs, martial artists, and singers. Our diversity is what makes our team so fun.


How we do

Simplified Schooling connects all the stakeholders on a safe, updated and consistent working environment which paves the way for interaction among every individual thereby gaining collective excellence.


Our Operation Process

Every single school is treated as a new client, we know that every school has their own views and we are always ready to help and customize our solution to fit your needs.


Awesome clients

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