School Teachers

Streamlines activities and maximize supervision

As Class Teacher:

  • Teacher task calendar
  • Teacher’s timetable
  • Class attendance
  • Overview of class curriculum coverage
  • Class weekly status
  • CCE score for Co-Scholastic
  • Print class reports cards
  • Class photo gallery
  • Student’s performance tracking
  • Class announcement
  • School calendar
  • Access to library
  • Request for leave
  • Transport details
  • Update profile
  • Intra communication

As Subject Teacher:

  • Create, modify class Lesson Plans
  • Weekly class reports
  • Period student attendance
  • Post homework
  • Post assignments / project works
  • Pre-intemation to students to view multimedia lesson
  • CCE for scholastic areas
  • Post Reference link
  • Embed video links
  • Access to multimedia content
  • Upload question bank
  • Share additional content


  • Single login to access both assigned roles of class teacher and subject teacher.
  • Availability of more time for students and other activities.
  • Better organized and Improve teaching methods.
  • Smart Phone APP for teachers helps to save more time by reducing duplication of task and can stay connected 24x7.
  • Efficient and effective interaction.